Elephant Safari Kaziranga


Elephant Safari In Kaziranga

‘Elephant Ride’ termed as the Ride of the Kings is the most stimulating safari options available in the Kaziranga National Park. Elephant Safari enables you to spot flora and fauna species of the park from a close distance. Elephant Safari in Kaziranga begins as early as 05:00 AM in the morning that sets to be an ideal time to catch Animal species roaming in the park. Riding on elephant’s back is a truly unique way of enjoying a jungle safari. Elephant safari in Kaziranga also happens to be safer and more reliable than other modes of transportation during jungle safaris. Sitting at the back of biggest mammal at a height of 11 feet you are able to spot many wildlife species at Kaziranga.
Elephant safari at Kaziranga National Park is most suitable choice for any nature enthusiasts who want to capture the glimpse of various flora and fauna from proximity. This jungle safari is an ideal suite to indentify the fauna of KNP in between the tall grasslands and rocky landscapes. Riding on elephant back offers you a never-before perspective of the picturesque scenery and thrilling chances to encounter royal Bengal tiger. This safari option promises to be a unique experience that simply cannot be replaced through other modes safari option. It takes you to the remotest and densest area of the forests. Elephant safaris are equipped with a howdah, a large sitting arrangement on which the visitors sit. The elephant moves slowly and steadily in the park around the wild regions.

Elephant Safari Zones at Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park is sprawl over total core area of around 430 square kilometers. In order to make Kaziranga National Park accessible to tourists it is further divided into four tourism zones. While the jeep safari activity inside these tourism zones of KNP is across the four zones; the Elephant safari is organized in the two zones only- the Central Zone or Kohora Zone and the Western or Bagori range. Apart from it, access to the Kohora Safari range on Elephant safari is limited to foreigners and VIP delegates while the Indian citizens have the option to explore the vast reserve of the park. Elephant rides timing and routes are decided by the Kaziranga officials; no tourists can alter the timing and designates safari routes. Usually safari is conducted in two shifts; one a morning 05 AM and the other at morning 06:30 AM. In tourists peak season a third slot at 7 AM is also added. The park officials reserve the right to change the safari timing and routes. Usually, tourists prefer to go in Western Zone which ensures maximum wildlife sightings.

Elephant Safari Booking Procedures :-

If you wish to enjoy Elephant Safari at Kaziranga National Park it is advisable to get booked very early before the season begins due to limited availability of Elephants at both safari ranges. In such scenario it becomes very much necessary for tourists to book their safari much ahead of their actual travel dates to Kaziranga National Park. We take advance booking and arrange your hassle free rides inside the park.

Online Elephant Safari Booking
Kaziranga Elephant Safari Timings :-
Kohora (central) Range 5:00-6:00 6:00-7:00 Not Allowed
Bagori ( Western) Range 5:00-6:00 6:00-7:00 7:00-8:00
Agaratoli (Eastern) Range Not Allowed Not Allowed Not Allowed
Burapahar (ghorakati) Range Not Allowed Not Allowed Not Allowed
Safari Ranges and Routes at Kaziranga :-
Park Ranges Safari Routes
Kaziranga Range or Central Range Mihimukh-Kathpora-Daphlang-Diffolu River Bank-Mona Beel-Karasing & back
Bagori or Western Range Dongabeel-Rouman-Rajapukhuri-Monabeel & back
Agratoli or Eartern Range Agratoli Sohola Beel-Rongamotia-Maklung-Turturoni-Dhoba & back
Burapahar Range Ghurakati-Potahi Beel-Diffolu-Phuloguri-Tunikati
Key Highlights of the Elephant Safari Kaziranga
  • Elephant safari is recommended in Kaziranga National Park to see one-horned-rhino from close proximity
  • Elephant safari offers you one the best experience of the wildlife sightings
  • It is best choice for all age groups of travelers
  • It starts as early as 5 AM morning which is best time for wildlife sightings
  • In Kohora range only foreigners and VIP delegates are allowed to take ride
  • Bagori range is open for all Indian Nationals


How to reach at the start point of the safari

If you are staying in a resort or a hotel that is situated within the range of four to five kilometers, we provide pick and drop facility from there. If you are not in our radar we provide the same facility on payment of extra charges that is not included in the safari price. You can also take a private car or private transport to reach nearest landmark of Kaziranga National Park.

Things to carry at the time of Safari
  • Valid identity proof of the person traveling inside the Park
  • Please carry any special medical requirement if you are taking
  • Wear light color cotton clothes
  • Sunblock
  • Drinking water
Important Advisory
  • Children above five years is treated as adult
  • Entry permit once booked cannot be cancelled or transferred
  • Your safari tour is accompanied by only registered guides
  • Entry inside the park is strictly prohibited after sunset
  • Red dress is not allowed to wear inside the park
  • Wear green or forest suitable color during safari
  • Do not through water bottles or plastic wrappers in Park
Kaziranga Elephant Safari Terms & Conditions
  • We take responsibility of booking elephant safari after receiving the safari amount and handing over ot to the concern safari person
  • Our representative collets entry passes for elephant safari from Safari Ticket counter
  • Kaziranga National Park reserves the right to admission inside the Park
  • Scheduled safari the National Park may be closed without prior notice based on climate conditions
  • Hotel or resort pick up and drop will be charged extra
  • Please do not carry eatable items inside the park
  • We are not responsible for delay in start of the Elephant Safari

Which safari is best & most suitable in Kaziranga ?

Elephant safari is the most feasible option to explore the diversity of Kaziranga National Park. However Jeep safari is also the convenient way to travel inside the park.

How do I book elephant safari at Kaziranga National Park ?

You can book elephant safari permit by directly visiting our website kaziranganationalpark-india.in or you can consult us to book the safari for you in advance so that you can enjoy the safari conveniently without any hurdle.

What is an elephant safari ?

Elephant safari in Kaziranga helps the visitor to travel through such difficult terrains where even jeeps can't venture. Elephant safari is the best and safest way to explore the remotest and densest areas of the forests.