Jeep Safari In Kaziranga


Jeep Safari In Kaziranga

Being a beautiful wildlife destination in India, Kaziranga National Park Assam is a kind of natural boon to mankind that offers wonderful experience of the wild. Crowned as a UNESCO World Heritage is famous for its highest population of Indian One-horned Rhinoceros accompanying with Asiatic Elephants, Indian Tigers, Asiatic Water buffaloes, Swamp Deers, Hoolock Gibbons and Several Species of Birds etc. And Jeep Safari is the main tourist activity in the India’s most wonderful national parks. Jeep safari is the most suitable option to enjoy the beauty of the dense forest of KNP. Spread across a large area Kaziranga is area and Kaziranga is divided into four safari zones or ranges to ease tourism activity. These zones are named as the Central Safari Range at Kohora, the Eastern Safari Range at Agoratoli, and the Western Safari Range at Bagori and the Ghorakati Safari Range at Burapahar. Each of these tourism zones have a huge area and in order to explore the rich flora and fauna of the Kaziranga National Park. Tourists coming here need to book jeep safari in advance to explore the region in depth. The Jeep Safari tours at Kaziranga one such feasible mode of transportation that takes you to the unexplored part of the jungle. This mode of transportation is ideal when you wish to more area in less time. Jeep Safari at KNP is accompanied by escorted guards for two hours of ride duration.

Jeep Safari in Kaziranga National Park Overview

The adventurous jeep safari takes you across one of the most diverse Biological Reserves of India at Kaziranga. Jeep Safari takes you through deep dark woodlands, tall and short grasslands and tropical forests where you can explore the wide biodiversity of the park. The Maruti Gypsy is a preferred vehicle because of its capabilities of crossing across the most difficult terrains. There are no pitch roads inside the designated safari routes in order to preserve the habitat of the fauna. Smooth and undisturbed gypsy ride is conducted at three Park Range at Bagori, Kohora and Agaratoli. One jeep ride has a comfortable seating capability of 6 persons with the option of standing on your toes once you see the Majestic One – Horned – Rhinos.

Adventurous jeep safari ride inside Kaziranga Forest Reserve is permitted for visitors on certain defined routes which have been decided by the officials of the forest department at Kaziranga. Presently the safari zones covered by Jeep Safari at Kaziranga National Park are as follows:

Central Range at Kohora :-

Central Zone or Kohora Range is one of the core areas of the KNP and most preferred zone for both Jeep as well as Elephant ride. Its entry gate is situated at a distance of just two kilometres from National Highway passing through the village of Kohora. The chances of sighting tiger, one-horned rhinos, wild buffalo, swap deer is very high.

Western Range at Bagori :-

Bagori wildlife tourism of the Kaziranga National Park is also best one and known among most preferred zone for wildlife sightings. Its magnificent landscape and an abundance availability of wildlife species and lush greenery makes it perfect site for wildlife photography. Many water bodies inside this zone attract huge number of animals to quench their thirst.

Eastern Range at Agaratoli :-

Eastern side of the Kaziranga National Park which is also the side of National Highway is Agaratoli Range. This zone is famous is among the wildlife enthusiasts due to enrich of its magnificent natural beauty. One jeep safari ride is permissible here. It is a noted zone for wildlife photographers.

Burapahar Range at Ghorakati :-

Burapahar Ecotourism of the Kaziranga National Park which lies 40 kilometres away from the central zone of the park. Jeep safari transport mode is the best way to explore the landscape of Burapahar Range.

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Safari Ranges and Routes :-
National Park Ranges Designated Safari Routes information Distance in Km (Approx)
Kaziranga Range or Central Range Mihimukh-Kathpora-Daflang-Diffalu river bank-Monabeel-Kerasing and back with designated stop at Kathpora Tower, Daflang Tower and Kerasing Tower. 28 KM
Bagori or Western Range Bagori-Dongabeel-Rowmari-Rajapukhuri-Mona Beeland back to Donga Tower. 26 KM
Agaratoli or Eartern Range Agoratoli-Soholabeel-Rangamatia-Maklung-Turturani-Dhuba & back to Agaratoli to stop at Sohola Tower. 22 KM
Burapahar Range Ghorakati-Potahibeel-Diffalu-Tunikatiand back with designated stop at Tunikati Tower. 17 Km
Jeep Safari Timings :-
Park Ranges Morning Ride Timing Evening Ride Timing
Central Range, Kohora 07:00 AM- 09:45 AM 01:00 PM- 02:45 PM
Western Range, Bagori 07:00 AM- 09:45 AM 01:00 PM- 02:45 PM
Eastern Range, Agaratoli 07:00 AM- 09:45 AM 01:00 PM- 02:45 PM
Ghorakati, Burapahar 07:00 AM- 09:45 AM 01:00 PM- 02:45 PM

Why Jeep Safari is the most convenient way to visit Kaziranga National Park ?

Jeep is the vehicle that takes you to the each and every corner of the uneven terrain of Kaziranga National Park. It is quite comfortable to travel.

How many people can jeep safari can accommodate ?

It can accommodate six people at a time.

What is the process of booking jeep safari in Kaziranga ?

It can be booked online through a website well in advance.