Best Time to Visit Kaziranga National Park


Best Time to Visit

The region in and around Kaziranga National Park experiences typically tropical climate. Summer is very hot and humid here (April to June), and warm days and cold nights in winter season starts from November to January. The curse for Kaziranga is mighty Brahmaputra region that floods the park during monsoon season. The rainy season starts here from June and lasts in August. Tourism activity is not accessible during monsoon season. The months of November to April is an ideal time to explore the Kaziranga National Park Assam. If you wish to capture the sights of rhinos and other wildlife species like tiger and elephants, a best choice would be to visit this National park during the months of March and April. During the day time the climate remains humid and hot but the temperature decreases as the sun is close to setting.


During summer season temperature varies from 7 degree Celsius to 37 degree Celsius in Kaziranga. Winter season from November to January is great option for bird watching as some of the migratory birds can also be spotted. The climate stays moderate and pleasant during winter that ranges from 5 degree Celsius to 25 degree Celsius.

Kaziranga in Summer Season (February to May)

As we know that summer season in India is considered the best time explore the different tourism spots as this season is favorable in many ways. In same manner summer makes the Kaziranga Park quite exciting to explore. The mild and pleasant climate offers great choice for taking back to back elephant and jeep safari. This season is considered peak season so it is advisable to book hotel and safari well in advance in order to avoid last time rush.


Kaziranga in Monsoon Season (June to August)

Monsoon strikes Kaziranga National Park in the months of June. This season is not good for visiting Kaziranga for a wildlife holiday. The area of Kaziranga gets flooded with the water of mighty river Brahmaputra. The region experiences rainfall of 2,220 mm which causes heavy flood in the jungle area too. Majority of the park area get submerged into the water duo to the continuous rising water levels of the rivers.

Kaziranga in Winter Season (November to February)

Ideally winter season is considered best time to explore the flora and fauna of the Kaziranga National Park. The weather during this time is mild and dry. Winter season is perfect choice for bird watching tours, jeep safari and elephant safari. Visit lashed with camera and capture some of the glorious picture of nature and wildlife species living here.

Season Temperature Chart :-
Season Months Temperature
Summer February to May 07 Deg Celsius -37 Deg Celsius
Monsoon June October 10 Deg Celsius -35 Deg Celsius
Winter November to February 05 Deg Celsius – 25 Deg Celsius

Wildlife Experience at Kaziranga National Park