More than 3,000 hectares of forest land

Patricia / 29 Jul 2021 / 90 Comment

More than 3,000 hectares of forest land to be added to Kaziranga National Park

News Update, Jorhat : Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve got a new gift by the Assam government with the addition of more than 3,000 hectares of forest land to its area. The new addition will aid the movement of big cat from Kaziranga to other parks.

According to Park director, the government has given green signal to the addition of three new areas and will be known as 7th, 8th and 9th additions with areas of 176 hectares, 307 hectares and 2,570 hectares of land respectively.


This step is a move to consolidate the wildlife areas of KNP foreseeing better wildlife conservation and reduction in human-wildlife negative interactions in future. The new addition of area in park will increase to 914 square kilometres. According to the latest data provided the last addition to the park was in the year 2016 when 195 square kilometre at Bura Chapori, which connected Kaziranga with Orang National Park.

Wildlife activists and nature lovers have appreciated the official move on the expansion of Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve but have drawn the attention towards the rhino habitat that is yet to be handed over possession of 1,461.59 hectares (14.62 sq km) of land comprising the second, third, fifth and sixth additions in Golaghat and Biswanath districts.

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