Explore Around Kaziranga National Park

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Other Attractions to Explore Around Kaziranga National Park

The north eastern segment of our country is undoubtedly bestowed with the huge natural beauty. Exploring Kaziranga is far more than a wildlife sanctuary. There are various other important places that are of great significance that you will get stunned visiting. Once you are done with the Jeep and Elephant Safari in Kaziranga National Park, move towards these five sites for an immense north eastern experience.

Tea Estate Gardens of Kaziranga


Tea Gardens of Kaziranga are not be missed spot whenever you are in Assam. We recommend you to spend just few minutes in these beautiful and lush green gardens while you travel through national park. If you are visiting during the harvesting of tea you may catch the locals diligently plucking the fresh leaves off these plants and send them to the processing units.

Kaziranga Golf Resort

This beautiful Golf resort is located in the heart of Jorhat and surrounded by lush green tea estates. This golf resort is basically built for professionals and it is training academy for golf enthusiasts.

Deopahar Geological Site (9th century)


Deopahar geological sites dates back to 9th century located just a few kilometres away from Kaziranga. Here you can see different kinds of thousands if butterflies. It is also known as Butterfly Park and home to several kinds of exotic butterflies that are rarely found outside habitat. Additionally, this butterfly garden has also importance of historical monuments. It depicts the heritage of Assamese culture. It has also a collection of Shiva Temples and Pre-Ahom era monuments.

The Orchid and Biodiversity Park


The Orchid and Biodiversity Park is located at a distance of just two kilometres from Kohora and it is great place for people who love gardening. Sprawl over 16 Bigha of land this park is dedicated to showing over 500 varieties of beautiful orchids. These species of flowers are only found in North Eastern Region of India and hence they are famous. The Biodiversity Park has more than 200 verities of medicinal plants.

Ethnic Village Tour

The ethnic village is located 10 minutes from Orchid & Biodiversity Park. This village showcases the lifestyle of the tribes in the Karbi-Anglong District. The twelve beautiful houses built in different styles and decor will enable you to learn ancient time architecture.

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