Planning a wildlife safari in Kaziranga

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Planning a wildlife safari in Kaziranga? Here are some elephant hotspots

As the festival and celebration season approaches in India, tourists are set to move to one of their favorite destinations in Assam. The elephant safari in Kaziranga National park is the most sought after preferred adventure for wildlife lovers to the national park.
Meanwhile, here we bring Kaziranga Park elephant actual data available in their different ranges for your tour convenience.
The Kaziranga National Park forest authority has about 63 camp elephants in its various ranges of Eastern Assam wildlife division and Western Assam wildlife division as well as in Laokhowa Burrachapori wildlife sanctuary. The Kohra safari range of Kaziranga has about 28 elephants among which three elephants have given birth to baby elephant and become mothers this year. The Agoratoli range has 11 elephants available for ride. The Bagori range of the park has 15 elephant while the Burapahar range has four and the Panpur range has only two elephants in record.
The elephant safari in Kaziranga begins every day from very early in the morning and continues for about an hour. Elephant ride is the best way to explore the vast range of flora and faunafound in the Kaziranga National Park. The permits for the elephant safari can be booked or obtained online at our website simply by contacting us or putting online query for the two centers at the two safari zones: the Central zone, also known as Kaziranga zone, at Kohora and the Western zone at the Bagori.

How can I book elephant safari for Kaziranga


Do not try to book safari offline or think of getting on the spot. If you’re doing so, you’ll be joined by around 20 park guides queuing for their clients. There are limited spots per day so you have to make sure you get one!

So better and hassle free idea is to make online query and get booked well in advance from our website. If you are booking yourself you will need to arrange a transfer to the Elephant point in Kaziranga NP which is really hectic for new comers. This process may disappoint you and spoil your tour. So booking process leave on us. Just fill your query form here

What will I see on Kaziranga National Park Safari? Is it just the one horned rhino?

Apart from 70% of the one-horned rhino population residing in the Park, there is so much more to see than just the rhinos.
You can get the chance to see tigers, deer, wild buffalo, a variety of birds and the cutest tortoises!

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