World Elephant Day 2021

News / 12 Aug 2021 / 340 Comment

What is the reason we love Elephants? Why Do we Prefer See Elephants in Every National Parks??

News update : The very first reason is Elephants are Sentient – they have strong ability to use sense to see and feel. They have finest intelligence to demonstrate what we consider the good human traits such as awareness, social intelligence and empathy.


Elephants are calm and cool in nature. These biggest mammals on the earth represent our entire ecosystem. Elephant’s history is ancient that say they have very long association with human being. Elephants are religion, elephants in art and culture, elephants in literature, elephants as working animals, elephants in warfare many more to list.

Elephants area our national pride – however the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger is a national animal, the magnificent elephant is the “National Heritage of India.”

It is the #WorldElephantDay. Please be a part of our elephant conservation initiatives.

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