Tea Estate Gardens of Kaziranga National Park


Tea Estate Gardens of Kaziranga National Park

Tea Gardens are the real pride of north east state Assam. Assam tea is famous across the world for its taste, flavour and colour. While on a tour to the Kaziranga National Park, tourists must include in a list to explore a few popular tea gardens located nearby. The beautiful small lush green bushes rolling down the hills are eye soothing sight experience for everyone and should witness once in a lifetime. Visiting any of the tea gardens in proximity to Kaziranga takes you close to the nature. Few popular tea gardens such as Hathkhuli, Borchapori , Defalu, Methono and Behora are the major attractions. It is interesting to know that Assam has world’s largest tea plantation area.


There are several tea gardens around Kaziranga Park open to warm welcome tourists and public viewing. You can plan here for day visit to these tea gardens and also provide night stay options. If you are visiting national park for a few days, night stay inside the tea estate gardens area would prove great idea and experience. We should never miss the opportunity to explore these tea gardens which is the major attractions of the tour.

Things to do During Stay at Tea Estate Gardens

Tea Tasting : Do not forget to cheers with cup of tea as you are surrounded there by fresh tea bushes. You are natural guest among nature and staying in the heart of Assam. This is the area which is famous for black tea – strong bright colour and unique malty flavour.

Factory & Tea Plantation Tour : It is interesting to know that after the tea pant Camellia Sinensis was discovered in the year of 1823 near Dhibrugarh, Since then Assam developed into one of the largest capacity of tea growing regions in the world and become popular for its black tea production. You tour would be incomplete without earning some understanding about the magic of tea.


Experimental Organic Cultivation Ground : Practicing the ancient wisdom of Vrikshyurveda – derived from Sanskrit text explaining the science of agricultural practices; there are various tea estate gardens that promotes organic cultivation and developing it into a biodiversity hub.

Best Time to Visit Tea Gardens

An ideal time is mid May to June end, for the best tea. Tea production continues until early December, but the quality of the tea steadily decreases. A Tea Festival is held in Jorhat every November.

List of Popular Tea Gardens in Assam :-
Tea Garden Locations Total Number of Tea Estate
Shivasagar 85
Tunsukia 122
Golaghar 74
Golaghar 74
Karbi Anglong 15
Jorhat 88
Dhibrugarh 177
Dhubri 3
Bongaigaon 1
Goalpara 2
Udalguri 24
Kokrajhar 3
Baksa 4
Chirang --
Kamrup 3
Nagon 21
Sonitpur 59
Lakhimpur 9
Dhemaji 2
Cachar 56
Dima Hasao 2
Karimganj 23
Frequently Asked Questions About Tea Estates in Assam

1. Which is the first Tea Garden in Assam ?
The first tea garden was established in 1837 at Chabua in Upper Assam. Close to 1840, the Assam tea company started a commercial of tea in the region.

2. How many tea gardens are there in Assam ?
There are around 100 tea estates in Assam which are dedicated to the agriculture of tea. The tea estates are spread across an area of 2,16,2000 hectares.

3. Which is the largest tea garden in Assam ?
Monabarie Tea Estate is the largest tea garden in Assam which is located at the Biswanath Chariali district of Assam.

4. What kind of tea is available in Assam ?
Assam is famous for producing the black tea which is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. The black teas are oxidized than other teas like green tea or white tea.

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