Tourists Attractions in Kaziranga National Park


Tourists Attractions in Kaziranga

Kaziranga National Park also called as ‘Serengeti of the East’ is beautifully stacked with a myriad geographical feature of the shining jewel. From wildlife safaris to trekking, from bird watching to exploring coffee and Tea Estates, from local village sightseeing to enjoying folk dances; there is an array of activities one can do while touring in Kaziranga National Park. Here we pen down comprehensive lists of things to do while in the Kaziranga National Park.

Visit the Kaziranga Orchid and Biodiversity Park

Kaziranga Orchid Biodiversity Park is one of the perfect places in area to know local culture and cuisine. The peaceful aura, tranquil surroundings and teaching about local fauna brings you an opportunity to take a deep dive. Orchid Biodiversity Park is a must visit place. This park came into existence in the year of 2015 and is an abode of largest collections of orchids in all across India. There are approx 600 species of orchids in the park’s greenhouse. These wonderful and eye soothing flowers come from all over north east India and includes the state flowers of Assam and Sikkim.
You will also see some rare verities of orchid inside the green house, so go there taking proper time make rounds among the flowers to check them all out. Please note that touching the flowers are not allowed. Just feel and enjoy eye soothing experience.

Assam National Museum

Assam museum enables you to understand and get a real sense of local life. You can learn and take information about the 97 tribes of Assam and may you encounter with the local tribes people crafting and making traditional clothing and looms. It is very much interesting to know that tribe’s people use natural dye and use it in the clothing they make. Dozens of instruments are kept in display that is used in day today life as well as artifacts and beautiful locally made masks.
The national museum remains opens for tourists 06 days from 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM during summer and from 10:00 AM to 04:30 PM during winter except on Monday. Second and fourth Saturday holiday is observed. The exhibits of the Museum are displayed in sections, viz., Epigraphy, Sculptures, Miscellaneous, Natural History, art and Crafts, Anthropology & Folk Art & Arms section.

Experience the Local Culture

One of the best thing about travelling is learning and knowing about the culture of the places you visit by experiencing it first-hand. You may find inside the orchid biodiversity park some of the local women and sometimes may be kind enough to gift you a colorful and exquisite scarf made by the members of the Bodo tribe. Parks pavilion have arranged seats in front of large covered stage from there visitors can watch the dance performances that are purely performed by the locals. There are mainly three different dances in total. All three dances are beautiful and quite different from one another, but perhaps the most fascinating was the bamboo dance.
The prime attraction bamboo dance involves local men clapping long, bamboo poles together low to the ground in conjunction with rhythmic drumming. Local women join in by dancing in a circle between the bamboo poles as the men open and close them to the beat of the music. It’s quite mesmerizing experience.

See the Cactus Park and Bamboo Garden

One another interesting thing left to be explored is Cactus Park which is an abode of over 300 species of cacti from around the world. But most of the Cacti family belongs to the northeastern state of Sikkim. Many medicinal plants are also grown here that are even used in cooking. Stevia is popular medicinal plant which is used in cuisine and also it is a natural sweetener.
Do not forget to check out beautiful Bamboo garden where you can see more than 50 species of the hardy plant. Bamboo is multipurpose plant used in plenty in Assam for making crafts and other things.
According to a research China has 340 species of bamboo, India has such 134 species and Maharashtra is the highest bamboo growing State and its largest and most famous bamboo nursery is known as Wadali that is Bamboo Garden. Bamboo Garden is one of the attractions places of tourists because can see more than 63 species of bamboo and 300 species of cactus all over in India.

Try Local Foods and Drink

If you are visiting any destinations and keen to know in better way -the best idea is to try the local food and drink. This Kaziranga National Park travel guide advise you to try lots of local drinks including a fresh sweet orange juice mixed with black salt, apple juice with milk and sugar and dense Banana Shake with milk and sugar. You must try local snacks. Ask for a veg Thali food that consists of a 28 mouthwatering dishes.